Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's Coming

You’re walking in the dark on a deserted street.

The street lamps are rare. Their cones of feeble brightness are only islands of illusory safety in an ever thickening fog.

Every now and then you stop and listen, holding your breath. Those footsteps you heard, were they yours? The feathery touch on the nape of your neck, is it the wind?

You want to run but you’re afraid. Where could you run?

An evil is creeping inside you through the cracks of your heart.

Halloween is coming… Look for more signs of it on October 29th…

Can you tell out of which movies were these pictures taken? Get the answer on November 1st.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, *shiver, tremble, quake* - that's creepy! Beautifully written but decidedly spine-tingly!

And no, not a clue from which movies the pics were taken! Halloween may be one...? Nosferatu another...? Nope, really, no idea! ;-)

Ropinator said...

have a happy halloween

Taffiny said...

An evil is creeping inside of me through the cracks of my heart?!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
(quick we must fill in the cracks, what do we stuff it with before we crazy glue the tears back together, and sew the ripped seams of it?)

"only islands of illusory safety" I like that. I often cling to those, trying to pretend, even while I know that they are, that they are not illusory.

pictures look vaguely familiar, but I have no clue. I am a sissy and avoid the horror genre.

Happy approaching Halloween

Minx said...

Like Christmas there are two very different interpretations of Halloween. One is based in fear and scaremongery and the other (Samhain) in a celebration of light and life. Take your pick.

Samhain blessings.

SzélsőFa said...

ouh, very creepy indeed.
I think I have seen that film with Bela Lugosi, but can't recall the name. I'm almost positive the Hallowen gourd was NOT in the movie, though!

Mad Munkey said...

cold breathing on your neck?

huh? Breath comes from a warm, moist body.

Perhaps: That moist finger of air on the nape of your neck, is it the wind?

Vesper said...

Thank you, Vanilla! ;-)

Thank you , Ropi. Do you celebrate it in Hungary?

Ah, Taffiny, thank you and the same to you! The horror genre has a few good movies and many bad ones. Luckily, the latter are rather easy to recognise. :-)

Oh, Minx, I feel I might have upset you... Just having some fun...
Thanks for the blessing and happy beginning of winter to you too. :-)

Szelsofa, thank you!

Munkey, good point! I shall remove it. But, you never know... :-)

Jon M said...

Mwahahahahaha! Loved reading that m'dear! The pictures are from my family album! I love Hallowe'en and I love those pics!

Vesper said...

Shhh, Jon, I was planning to reveal this only on Nov. 1st... I hope they didn't hear you... I hope they thought it was the wind... :-) (evil laugther dying away in the dark)

Shameless said...

Oooooo, nice and creepy. I felt the chill! :-)

Vesper said...

Seamus, I'm rubbing my hands... Thank you! :-)