Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School

Another school year has started yesterday.

My older daughter’s enthusiasm for this event has seeped into me, while, together, we prepared her things, sharpened pencils, put labels on binders, went again through her list of school supplies to make sure we haven’t missed anything, and stuffed her backpack.

The youngest, sitting on my lap during the whole “operation”, helped too: I would write a label, then she would peel it off and hand it to her older sister, who would in turn stick it to the binder. That’s some teamwork!

In the schoolyard, each kid got a piece of a puzzle, which they had to match with a picture posted on the fence and thus find their classmates for this year. A bit bizarre and probably not necessary, but hey, why not… So, this is their mascot.

Yeah, I know, the beginning of the school year means - maybe more than anything else - that summer’s over. This is especially hard to accept in a year when there’s been no real summer, although these relatively warm August days make me hope for a nice Indian summer.

It also means that I’ll return to my early morning schedule and thus (hopefully) find a wee more time for blogging – reading and posting – and for writing.


BernardL said...

Between school studies, PTA, and activities, I remember how hectic the school years used to be. They have a starfish with a belly button as the mascot, huh? I guess lions, tigers, or bears are too violent. :)

Lisa said...

This always feels like the most optimistic time of year to me. I'm excited to know you'll be back on a more regular writing schedule.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a little more precious breathing room. :)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I'm sorry your summer is coming to an end, but you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to our winter ending! Hope the new school year starts smoothly.

Ropi said...

My school starts tomorrow. I am not so enthusiastic.

Ello said...

Ah yes, school is officially over for us. I'm happy the kids are back in school but not happy because the semester craziness has begun. Summer flew by so fast I just don't feel like I got any break this year. Sigh.

Vesper said...

Bernard, I think it was a mascot for a day... :-)

Lisa, you're right it is very optimistic. At the same time it is a bitter-sweet reminder of how much the kids have grown and of how fast the time passes. As for a regular writing schedule... I can only hope so... :-)

Me too, Jason. :-)

Thank you, Vanilla! I know unfortunately too well what you're saying about winter... We have about six months worth of waiting for it to go away! :-)

I know what you mean, Ropi! :-) The older we get, the more we appreciate a vacation... In a few years, I'm sure my daughter will feel just like you. :-)

Ello, yes, it feels as if we didn't have any summer this year.... Good luck with school!