Monday, March 02, 2009

On That Warm Night

oh, how you held me on that warm night,
in the gardens with the ancient trees
draped in Spanish moss,
until I knew no more what held me
your arms or the darkness

oh, how you spoke the dark words of your love
your mouth against the hollow of my neck
that spot of sweetness where life pulses,
eager and frightened,
beneath the elegant florals of my perfume
(Valentino, forever, my darling)

how I cradled your head in between
the captive bird in my chest and my bare arms,
white swan necks,
and how I loved your warmth,
underneath your exquisite dinner jacket,
and let you breathe me,
and offered myself to be breathed in

(noises reached us from the terrace as if
from an entirely different world
of strangers,
well-dressed men and women,
with their champagne and their music)

how our fingers entwined
against the rough bark of the oak tree
like roots of Spanish moss
hoping for an illusory shelter

how our lips sought the very essence
of the universe,
wildly, gently until
it was not in the galactic abysses
that we found it
but in our blood

oh, how we trembled,
how we laughed,
how we died

how impetuous we were


Catvibe said...

Oh my god Vesper, how I long to be in this place with someone again. How distant and far far away it is.

I had to find this by clicking on your blog archives, your main page is empty for some reason.

laughingwolf said...

v, you've captured all the impetuousness of youth... and age... well done! :)

L.A. Mitchell said... make me want to cry out for your talent. "The captive bird in my chest.." I so adore your poetry and wanted very badly to be in that mossy garden.

Karen said...

oh, how I wish...

Like Cat, it was long ago. I'm glad to know that some things never change. You've re-created it perfectly!

the walking man said...

There is a difference between having sex and making love and in this writing you illustrate the difference quite well.

Vesper, you create a longing in the reader to experience the difference, if only for one eternal time.

Vesper said...

Me too, Cat, me too... But imagination and words can bring it closer. :-)

Thanks, LW, that's where I still am in my heart. :-)

L.A, I cannot say how much I appreciate your praise. Thank you! I long to be in that garden too... :-)

Dear Karen, in one's heart it never changes... Thank you! :-)

Mark, yes, it's love always... Without it, the rest hasn't got much meaning to me. Thank you, my friend. :-)

BernardL said...

Vivid, with a haunting trace of bitter set-up for the end.

Anonymous said...

wonderful imagery! i love it! :)

Ello said...

That is brilliant. Seriously brilliant. I so envy you this talent for words.

Miladysa said...


What a wonderful night it was too -- thank you for sharing it with us :D

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

*sigh* sumptuously sensuous

Anonymous said...

Such a thrill in that moment. Longing steeped in sweet fear.

Geraldine said...

Absolutely marvelous Vesper! So romantic and engaging. Loved every line. I want to be there too!!!

Hugs, G

Vesper said...

Thank you, Bernard. Interesting that you use the word “bitter” for the end… I had this ending in mind for a while:

(In the end, it was just the darkness, my darling
You were dead, a long time ago
I was alone)

Will, thank you very much! And thank you for visiting my blog.

Ello, thank you so much!

Thank you, Miladysa! :-)

Kaye, thank you …

How well you describe this, Jason… Thank you.

Thank you, Geraldine. I’m glad you liked this moment.

Sarah Hina said...

I felt my fingers longing for that rough bark, against the smoothness of skin.

I lived and breathed this, Vesper. My own heart quickened. Thank you.

Vesper said...

Ah, Sarah, I thank you.