Wednesday, April 08, 2009


time to get all mushy,
another birthday’s here.
my… ha! no, I will not say it,
let alone write it.
this denial is my cocoon,
my unblemished skin,
my dreams beaming in my eyes,
my time machine
around which
hurricanes of loss
without touching me.
bring on the champagne,
bring on all the sweet illusions,
this Aries rebuffs the wisdom of age,
this Aries will just not change.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Vesper!

Keep your "sweet illusions" -- everything is a matter of perspective!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

My dearest Vesper, here's wishing you a wonderful and very happy birthday. May the year ahead be full of dreams fulfilled, plans hatched, opportunities taken. May you be blessed with love, peace, creativity, harmony, joy, success, good health and laughter.

Aniket said...

A very happy birthday to you Vesper...

I have researched a lot on Time Machines... all tyheories the grandfather Paradox, Time Streams and associated Sister earth, parallel universe, 6th dimensions and all... but reached no where.

And here I find the answer in your post... :-)

Hope everyone in your family is in the pinkest of health now.

Have a blast... or two ;-)!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is next month. It stinks, but I'd rather have birthdays than not!


spyscribbler said...

Happy Birthday, Vesper!

Vesper said...

Thank you, Karen! Illusions… I will keep them, yes, I think I’m pretty good at doing that… :-)

Oh, my dear Vanilla, I’m wordless… I thank you with all my heart, my dear friend. :-)

Aniket, thank you! You’ve just named so many of the things that interest me immensely. But an answer… hmm, I’m afraid we’ll never have one… or, maybe, who knows, at the end… Thank you again!

Paul, thank you! I had a good laugh! It stinks, but I'd rather have birthdays than not! - You’re absolutely right! :-)

Spy, thank you so much! :-)

Catvibe said...

Happy Birthday Vesper, so you're an Aries! This is also my father's birthday so we went to lunch today and had a birthday margarita. Clink to you Vesper, wonderful poem.

Lisa said...

The poem is perfect! Happy Birthday Vesper. I have an Aries brother and an Aries sister. Now I feel like I have two Aries sisters :)

the walking man said...

So how does it feel now that you're forty eight?

I know of a young woman named Vesper...
her birthday is once again crept upon her...
I pondered and thought
and worried and wondered
just what gift to her I could shower...


...the sparks did flew...
I know just what amazing thing to do for the young lass...
show her how with advancing age one can display
with class.

This is why older is no longer need diplomacy...have a happy and charmed day young one.

Marilyn Brant said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Vesper!! May the coming year bring only good things to you and to those you love :-).
p.s. My husband is an Aries, so I'm quite fond of them!

Vesper said...

Thank you very much, Cat! And manny happy returns of the day to your father! Mmmm, margaritas… very good… :-)

Thank you, my dear Lisa!!! Three of the Aries kind…. oh, that would be quite difficult to handle (but, you must know that!)… Luckily for you, one sister is across the cyberspace… (yet, very close in the heart)

Nice try, Mark! :-) :-) :-)
I love, love, love the limericks and the advice! Thank you for the good wishes, dear friend.

Marilyn, thank you very, very much! And all the best to you and your Aries… :-)

BernardL said...

We only have two ways to go, Aries: age... or not. Happy birthday! :)

Patry Francis said...

Happy birthday! Gotta love that Aries energy!

Caryn Caldwell said...

I love it! Maybe if you don't acknowledge birthdays, they simply won't happen? I'll have to give that a try.

Happy (belated) birthday!

L.A. Mitchell said...

Happy Birthday, Vesper!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your birthday :D

Sarah Hina said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family, and your illusions!! :D

I can see those beaming eyes, and the light of all your years dancing within. You're endlessly curious and capable of great inspiration--that's the only youth that matters.

I really do hope you had a lovely day, my friend. :)

laughingwolf said...

yappy barfday, v :O lol

you ARE old enough to drink now, right ;)

laughingwolf said...

ooops! make that BELATED :(

Aine said...

It's okay to say that you are 29, again. I'm still 29. My mother was 29 until I found her yearbook and knew how to do advanced math... :D

I don't mind the age so much as the degrading physical state. :P

Happy Birthday Vesper!!

Ello said...

I missed your birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! I'm an April girl myself - but a total bull! ;o)

Vesper said...

Not… Bernard, obviously… :-) :-) :-) Thank you so much!

Patry Francis, thank you and welcome to my blog! Ah, the energy, yes, I often wonder where it comes from… but Aries is fire…. :-)

Thank you, Caryn Caldwell, and welcome to my blog! :-) I thought so, too, but I think The Struggling Writer (see his comment above) might have a good point. :-)

Thank you, L.A.! :-)

Thank you, Benjamin! As a matter of fact, yes, I did enjoy it. :-)

Sarah, my friend, thank you for your very thoughtful words. Indeed, I had a wonderful day, with all the right “ingredients”… :-)

Right, LW! :-) :-) :-) Thank you!!!

Aine, what do you mean by “again”?!?!?! :-) :-) :-) Thank you so much, you’re such a sweet dear… :-)

Thank you, Ello! Yes, it was a great day. And I can totally see you as a Taurus! :-)

Rick said...

If there's anything worth breaking training for, it's to drop by and wish you Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Vesper!!

Geraldine said...

I just had one too! Aries people are the best! ;<( And I agree with everything on your list btw.

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Vesper!!!

Many hugs, G