Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank You, Fireblossom!

I received this award from Fireblossom, a new friend in this remarkable blogosphere, whose personality and whose verse are as flamboyant as her name. Thank you, Fireblossom! I am deeply honoured.

The rules are: post seven bits of trivia about yourself. (That’s scary!) Then pass it on to seven people. (That I kinda like!)

So, in totally random order, I give you:

1. I keep a notebook – an old elegant notebook bound in red silk embroidered with arabesques of gold – in which I write the titles of all the books I read every year. It is a precious thing to me for it helps me recall moments in my life, and more than moments, feelings and nuances… I remember how I was when I was reading such and such book, what season it was, if I was content or sad… At the same time it brings me a feeling of anxiety or hopelessness when I see how little I can scratch of the vast surface of literature.

2. I’m in love with a certain vampire. ’Nough said. :-)

3. When I write, I fully immerse myself in my story. It’s so “bad” (or good!) that my pulse quickens, my vision blurs, my breathing becomes ragged, my head spins… I wonder what I looked like if anybody were to see me.

4. During my university years, I smoked. Not much, probably not more than ten cigarettes a day, mainly less. Strong ones though, mostly Camel. And then, a few years later I abandoned it. It was easy. One day I smoked, the next day I didn’t. I admit I was a bit disappointed. What? Can’t I even keep an addiction?

5. I love all life and believe that everything that’s alive has a right to live.
One day, as I was driving through a new development zone, where all natural life has been disturbed to make place to a bunch of overgrown houses, I saw a snake trying to cross the road. I can’t even think about it, let alone write about it. It was already halfway through the other half of the road when a car coming from the opposite direction just crushed it. My heart cringes even now, so many weeks later. I know that countless tragedies happen every minute all over this world, but it doesn’t mean that that snake’s is less important because of that.
Did I mention I’m a vegetarian?

6. Baroque music is among my favourites. Bach, Albinoni, Telemann, Marcello, to name just a few who take me from the peaks of joy to the abysses of despair, and back.

7. I like to drive and I like to drive very fast. I like the “high” that I get from this speed… Unfortunately, watching out for cops takes away some of the fun…

And now I get to pass the award on to other people. It wasn’t easy to decide upon only seven names. Some of you have it already, and if you don’t want to do the meme (again) that’s all right, but it’s just my way of showing how much I appreciate you. All of you are fantastic writers and amazing blog friends.



please pick up your award.


Anonymous said...

"I keep a notebook – an old elegant notebook bound in red silk embroidered with arabesques of gold – in which I write the titles of all the books I read every year."

This is such a great idea. I may have to steal it. It would give me a reason to buy a new notebook, too :)

"Can’t I even keep an addiction?" Ha!

Marilyn Brant said...

Oh, Vesper, thank you! I'm thrilled to be on your list and will post my award proudly and pass it on to others next week or as soon as I can. Like strugglingwriter above, I loved your "Can't I even keep an addiction?" line--LOL! In my case, I only keep accumulating them... I'd like to get rid of a few ;).

Fireblossom said...

What an interesting list, Vesper! You and your blog have been wonderful "discoveries" for me this year, and I would just like to say how much I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments at Word Garden. :-)

I am a fast driver too, until some copper catches me. Then I play nice for a while. Just for a while...*grin*

Miladysa said...

Oh that poor poor snake! I shall be thinking about him for days now. I'm sure he will be happy wherever he is now though (hugs)

Thank you for my award
- I'm honoured x

Rick said...

Ooooh, I so owe you one! (just kidding) And you're vegetarian, too?

Sarah Hina said...

I love your notebook idea, too. Such a wonderful idea. I can tell how much you love it with your description.

And #3 is just great. Who needs sex?? ;)

You have a tender, beautiful heart, Vesper. I enjoyed learning more about you here. And congrats on the award! :)

the walking man said...

Vesper...I hate stupid cruelty to animals. But could the car have safely avoided the snake? Seems you were too close for the other driver to swerve away from it.

I can see you keeping a "have read list" never could get that organized myself.

the walking man said...

Oh yes...I am right there with you on the Baroque music as well. Love the form.

Michelle Johnson said...

Hello Vesper~ congrats on your blog award.

i used to drive pretty fast until i met John. now i only do it if i'm passing or an emergency. and yes, the cops do tend to put a damper on driving fast.

i was surprised to read you smoked. i've never smoked because i couldn't stand the smell of the smoke. plus a family member smoked everyday for 18 yrs before stopping and i just took a lesson from them. glad to hear you quit though. some seem to have trouble stopping while others do it with ease.

have a great weekend.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi Vesper - Congratulations on receiving the Creative Blogger award. You are so deserving! good to learn more about one of my favorite bloggers! I appreciate your choosing Old Mossy Moon for an award. You are right I did receive this from Joseph of namingconstellations, too - so I will try to come up with 7 good bits of trivia about yours truly - (not 14)
Again, I appreciate your endorsement of OMM and your blogger friendship! It means a lot to me. <3 K

Charles Gramlich said...

Congratulations. Very well deserved. I used to like to drive fast. Not so much these days.

Aniket said...

Many thanks for the award. I'll do the meme for sure. I like doing meme's. More like I love talking about myself. :P

I had the same fling with smoking. At one time I always had a cigar in my mouth. Now when I think back what inspired me to do that - may be I saw Sean Connery/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Bruce Willis in some flick and got crazy impressed.

I still smoke 3-4 cigarettes a month when I feel like it. Never got an addiction. Guess we are too moody. :D

I am a veggie too. But I don't have that kind a heart as yours. I have a long list of people I'd want dead. *sinister grin* (Don't freak out okay. Just kidding.... or not!)

Thanks again!

Geraldine said...

Well deserved Vesper! You have so much talent to share.

BernardL said...

I don't love all life, especially fleas, mosquitos, and cockroaches. :)

Karen said...

Thank you my dear friend! I love reading the revelations these bring but have never revealed myself, so this time (after a few days of looking at my sweet baby's picture on my blog), I'll try to think of something!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I love your list - now, go on, do tell, just which vampire...? ;-) xxx

laughingwolf said...

grats on the award, v... and the wee glance into who you are :)

word verif: dread

Akasha Savage said...

I loved this post. I loved learning random facts about you, it makes me feel like I know you that little bit better now. I, too, am a vegetarian, and I like driving fast; altough I have been caught twice!! My hubby says I drive like a rally driver!

S said...

Hiya Vesper,

I, too, keep a notebook of the books I read! Glad you stopped smoking; not a healthy addiction like writing. The way you describe yourself when you write is how I feel when I paint and often when I write! Becoming one with the work in progress is truly a physiological process...I enjoyed this! Congrats on your award.
(I'll be back to read your work; am behind in everyone's blogs- busy work time of year for me.)


Please drop by for a friendly visit to my writing & photography blog.

Vesper said...

Paul, despite the computers that have taken over almost everything, I still love notebooks, and pencils, and fountain pens…

You’re welcome, Marilyn, and very deserving! :-) Addictions, hmmm… Chocolate? Coffee? :-)

Fireblossom, thank you again! :-) The sentiment is definitely mutual… :-)

Oh, I’m so sorry, Miladysa. I hesitated a lot before sharing this story – I’m still thinking of him…
And you’re very welcome! Royds is fantastic!

Rick!!! You’re welcome... :-) :-) :-) Are you a vegetarian? :-)

Thanks, Sarah, it’s so nice “seeing” you here. :-)
#3 is great. But I’m sure you know all about it… :-)

Mark, I was far away from that car – I’m sure it could’ve avoided the snake in several ways. Probably, he hadn’t seen it; not many people drive watching out for squirrels, and cats, and furry caterpillars crossing the streets, as I do... :-)
I’m glad you like the Baroque music... :-)

Thank you, Michelle! Smoking... it seemed like a “forbidden”, interesting thing at the time... Could’ve been worse... :-)

Kaye, thank you! I’m very much looking forward to finding out more about you. I love your poetry and your warm presence, and this award is just a little way of showing my appreciation for you. :-)

Thank you, Charles! :-) I remember your recent mishap with the traffic light...

You’re welcome, Aniket! I’d love to hear about you... :-)
I can imagine you with a cigar in your mouth. Yeah, I tried cigars too – you have to know how to smoke them... :-)

Thank you, Geraldine. And you! :-)

Bernard! :-)

Karen, you’re very welcome! And, yes, that sweet baby can keep you well away from blogging and be a beautiful inspiration at the same time. Congratulations again on her birth and don’t worry about memes... although, obviously, I’d love to find out more about you. :-)

Thank you, my dear Vanilla! I missed you! Ah, the vampire... *sigh*... no, I cannot say his name... :-) :-) :-)

Thanks, LW! :-) Oops, dread... Makes you wonder... :-)

Akasha, thank you! :-) Touch wood, I've never been caught... You drive like a rally driver - I like that! :-)

Hi, Gel, and thank you! I don't know how healthy an addiction writing is... but I know this is one I'll never give up. :-) Yeah, I've been busy too, I'm behind in everything...

SzélsőFa said...

Congratulations on this award!
I enjoyed readnig your list - was kind of surprised by #4 and 7, though.
#2, 3, 5 were kind of logical to me, from the little I know of you ....
Keep on being creative :)

Catvibe said...

Funny about the smoking. :-) We share the baroque music and the love for all life. Sadly, can't say we share the veggie thing, although one day I may join you there. It was wonderful to read these little slices of Vesper. :-)