Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thinking of Poe, in October

what more apt than to think
of the gloomy house of Usher
about to fall
when the thunder rolled through the door
earthquake more than thunder
there was no tapping at the door
only a dismal feeling tapping at my heart
that made me wonder
if something had stirred in the air
or in the ground
or maybe it was just the thunder
but I opened the door –

Night flew inside

I have no bust of Pallas
only this deserted table of decay
where we once
sat together
and a red masque
and the extinguished candles of my soul

so that’s where I sat with the Night
and that’s where we sit
for evermore


Rick said...

You do melancholy brooding so very, very well. Welcome back!

Kay said...

i wish my mind were not in the gutter right now so I could say something more profound than just

'love it'

but, maybe another day.

Karen said...

As soon as I saw you had posted, I thought, "Of course! Vesper loves Halloween!" You do is so well, but this one has "a... melancholy air" just right for your subject. Like Poe's famous poem, it is the missing one who is the star of this.

Nevine said...

Vesper, a lovely poem for Halloween! And how appropriate Poe is... I, too, love Poe at this time of year. It seems they blend together... the aura of his works... and the aura of what flies in the air.

So glad to read your words, once more!


strugglingwriter said...

Standing ovation! I love me some Poe (I'm wearing my Poe necklace at work today) and this prompted me to read The Raven, which is my favorite (I know, I know, I should pick something more obscure).

Anyway, I love this tribute.


BernardL said...

You blended a multitude of Poe. Nicely done.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I *LOVE* it! Absolutely, deliciously Poe.

I wish it was the prelude to a book; it is so good, I could read chapters of it. ;D

Happy Halloween!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Marilyn Brant said...

You've made me feel the tapping at my heart, too, Vesper! Thanks for sharing this atmospheric poem with us...and wishing you a fun Halloween. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

A magical tribute to a master.

Vesper said...

Many times, it's probably therapeutic, Rick... :-) :-) :-) Although, this time I wasn't feeling like that at all... Thank you, my friend!

Kay, I love your comment! :-) Thank you.

Karen, I always appreciate your comments so very much... Thank you. xoxoxo

Nevine, I love Poe. And this is such a good season to think of him, to reread him... Thank you.

Paul, your Poe necklace? Sounds so interesting...:-) I love The Raven. And, thank you! :-)

I’m glad you liked it, Bernard. Thank you.

Scarlett, thank you so much! :-) I always find a bit (or a bit more) of spookiness very delicious... :-) Happy Halloween to you too!

Marilyn, :-)... Thank you! Halloween is fun with the children. I wish the same to you.

Much appreciated, Charles!

Anonymous said...

Like red drape and Victorian darkness.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Your poem is really lovely, quaint and curious. From one Poe lover to another, Cheers! Hope your Halloween was grand.

Geraldine said...

Hope all is well Vesper, haven't been around for a while. Take care, thinking of you, G