Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer in my Garden

strange things happen
i become smaller and smaller
sister to the small things

i scurry with chipmunks
hop with grasshoppers
scare crickets with my fiddle

i congregate with blackbirds
to steal the raspberries
before the children come out to play
then hide in a petal
to watch their eyes grow wide

i get drunk on petunias’ perfume
bumblebees invite me to dance

at dusk
i fall in love
with a butterfly


laughingwolf said...

well said, v :)

nice to see you...how's the book coming along?

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Hey, happy summer, Vesper! Nicely threaded pictures and prose. :)

Vesper said...

Thanks, LW! :-)

I took a break from the book to write a short story. Now I'm trying to get back to the novel and I find it kinda hard... Hmmm...

Thank you, and happy summer to you too, Bernard! So nice to see you here! :-)

SzélsőFa said...

how lovely, i can well relate to those secret pleasures one finds (and seeks!) in one's garden.

the walking man said...

I could get small in that garden but I'd have to speak to the crickets because I don't fiddle.

Geraldine said...

This is so beautifully done Vesper, LOVE it! I'm so glad to see a new post here. Have a wonderful August and do stay in touch. Hope your writing projects are coming along well.

Hugs, G

Vesper said...

SzélsőFa, I know... And I'm glad you liked this. :-)

Mark, or we could just listen... :-)

Thank you, Geraldine! And you too!

laughingwolf said...

right on :)

[blogger killed my page, and in the process some 2-3 gigs of my writings and collectibles, for which i will never forgive them GRRRRRR ...of course, all my 'friendly folk' were lost, as well as many of my links!]