Sunday, May 07, 2017

Old Chick

well, it seems as if the chick has misplaced her quill
which shouldn’t really be such a big deal
or, perhaps, she has just lost her wit
hang in here for a while — while she looks for it

The Chick is ten years old today. Yay! Wow! Yay? Wow?


Charles Gramlich said...

Looking forward to a newly sharpened quill.

Sarah Hina said...

Happy Birthday, Cora! We've been at this a long time, but I still remember those heady early days...


Magyar said...

an added candle
since I've run out of matches
one to another


Erik Donald France said...


Celebratory quillery & distillery ~ cheers ~ ~ !

strugglingwriter said...

Hey, I just saw this now looking at old posts on Sarah's blog. I hope life is treating you well.