Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Words

Your arms are made of this dark ink,
flowing recklessly
on this crisp white paper.
My daring words
gave them flesh and blood,
built these biceps
whose strength I seek now,
covered them in your torrid skin,
so smooth to my touch,
so desired.
Here you are, my lover...
Your pulse beats inside me,
maddening drum
in the jungle of my soul.
Your lips speak from the involutes and evolutes
of my nimble scrawl,
words, how sweet, how outrageous.
Your smile resonates deep,
in the maelstroms of my blood.
I revel in it, my eyes half-closed,
holding onto my instruments of writing,
still hoping
for their illusory protection
against this sweet vertigo.
All is lost when your breath comes upon me,
my pen falters,
my heart misses a beat,
but still,
I write,
I write.
Your mouth of hasty letters would not relent.
How fiercely we drink each other,
how tenderly you tear me apart.
No matter, my love,
Bring it on,
I only cling to you tighter,
I dive in your eyes,
as you resolutely surround me,
as we both surrender
to this whirl,
to this rush,
to this bliss,
to the infinite power
of the mind.

From the dream of a late summer afternoon,
only this pen,
this notebook,
this emptiness,
only my words

Copyright © Vesper L. All rights reserved.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh I love this, Vesper! And I relate so well. Sometimes I think it is important for us to fall in love with the characters we relate and embark on a torrid affair of words with them.

colleen said...

I love the comparison of writing to having a lover. It reminds me of one I wrote called "That Time of Month" with one stanza that says...the pull of paper ...the flush of pen ... the push of creation ... and the swollen weight of poems that are late...

Indeed! And I adore the photo. Is it one of yours? Is it google available?

Anonymous said...


The border between the world of air and the world within the paper blurs, and nearly disappears.

Jon M said...

Nice! I want to get my characters to make me write poetry to them!

Dewey said...

I love this, and that photo is such a perfect fit for this beautiful poem.

Taffiny said...

What a heated affair.

My characters and I love each other, the story itself is the lover. We, I am sorry to say haven't been very passionate this summer, maybe because we have been together so long, we have become more like companions. We hold hands loosely and walk about. I should stoke the fire, rekindle the flame, so I can get carried away, lost in it, world of words, like you.

Really liked your poem, bit jealous though, I need more words with passionate kisses..

Vesper said...

Thank you, Vanilla! We have to do that - when I don't do it, I can't write very well, as if my heart were not in my writing.

Thank you, Colleen! Wow, some strong associations in your poem... Very nice!
I don't know the provenance of the picture. I admit (and I'm ashamed) that it's "borrowed" - I found it in a PowerPoint presentation (hence the low quality of the image) that I received in a long forwarding chain.

Jason, thank you! How right you are - I've always felt that way when writing.

Thank you, Jon! You've got to love them - at least some of them! :-)

Dewey, thank you! When I saw this picture, I immediately saw myself in it!

Thank you, Taffiny! You've got to do something! Make it more passionate. But I don't know if you should, at least temporarily, move to something new... From my experience, I find it difficult, most of the times, to go back to an abandoned story, unless there is a spark that rekindles the fire...

Taffiny said...


What a horrible thing to say. I would never abandon Mikiyoshi, and Koji, and their story. Would be akin to leaving my husband, my son, and our cat, and just walking off and trying to forget about them. Would be like saying a fragment of my soul didn't matter, had no significance to me.

What a perfect thing for you to say, to make me want to run to them and give them the time and attention they need. Thank you.

Abandoned. I shudder at the thought, and Mik, and Koji, and I, huddle together under the same blanket.

Poetess said...

This is soooo good and the pic is just wonderful.

Thanks for that.


Vesper said...

Poetess, I thank you!