Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Wonderfully Thoughtful Award

Thank you, Wanderlust Scarlett and Canterbury Soul, for so graciously giving me this award. I feel extremely honoured. It was a beautiful surprise at the return from my holiday.

Hmmm… but what to do now?

If I may, I would like to pass it on to other thoughtful people. Your thoughts touch my mind, each differently, in many wonderful ways. So, if you read this, please pick up your award:

Alex at Basement Light
Amy at Mediterranean Views
Mr. Grocer at Famous For All Kinds of Wickedness
Taffiny at To Taste a Peach

I think YOU, all the other people on my blogroll, already have it from (at least) wonderful Wanderlust Scarlett. Oh, I’m too late!!! But I believe that each one of you deserves it fully, as your words – mirrors of your souls in this world of electrons - are so inspiring, amusing, intriguing, entertaining, etc., etc., etc., and always a pleasure to read… For all it’s worth, I’m also giving it to YOU.

P.S. Obviously, I’m back. I’m tanned. I’m a bit tired. I’m preparing some pictures from my holiday.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Congratulations on your thoughtful blogger award - and evidently you had a wonderful holiday!

c.s. said...

Welcome back, Vesper! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, very thoughtful blogger.

The Grocer said...

Thanks a million, my very first award, I'm genuinely knocked out. Can't quite figure out what a Montreal gal sees in my blog but hey your welcome on board.
We visited Montreal about six years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, Mount Royal Park is great.

Vesper said...

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah!),

I thank you all very much!!!

Mr. Grocer,

You're welcome. I first was intrigued by your blog's name, then I started reading a few things, then I very much enjoyed your "Blogging in the Wind", and then I read some more... I think you write well.
I'm glad you liked Montreal. Thanks for reminding me of Mount Royal. I haven't been there in ages! I'll go this weekend! One never visits places in one's own city.

Jon M said...

Glad you're back! Hope you didn't smoke too many cigars!

wrath999 said...

Thank you. Not sure if i deserve it, but many thanks


Taffiny said...

welcome back. Hope you had a swell time.

Thanks for extending the honor.

( Odd, I do believe I have over-typed as of late and am temporarily out of words)

Amy said...

I wasn't physically away, but I have been away from the blogging for awhile (see Longings on my page)so when I stopped by for a hello, I was so pleasantly surprised to see the honor you bestowed upon me. I got butterflies in my tummy from the unexpected joy. Thank you!
Glad we're back! Amy