Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dark, Late

The overwhelming sadness
snows over my eyelids.
Its tiny kisses of death
chill my heart
to a lasting winter.
The grains of sand
scrape my soul
as they fill the hourglass,
Nothing can console me
for the lost gold of my youth.
Time is a cheetah,
a cheater,
a mischievous lord of naught.

Copyright © Vesper L. All rights reserved.


SzélsőFa said...

I feel the sadness, especially in the last few lines...

Taffiny said...

very feeling.
haunted, by time, as it slips away.

somehow I don't see the eagle in the photo (till I click it large) but instead I see a giant peacock perched up high.

My youthful womanhood was not filled with personal beauty or group merriment, even in my childhood, there may be days, moments, perhaps I would visit, but I would never want to go back. And that thought helps me, as I am forced to go forward. But given my way, I would walk much more slowly through today. I would stand still in fact, and take in the view from here, for several years, before walking on ahead.

Bernita said...

Especially the hourglass image.

Emperor Ropi said...

It is too sad for me.

Jon M said...

'Cheetah' and 'Cheater' I liked that. the poem is sooooo sad! The picture is wonderful.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Exquisite words and so poignant, Vesper.

BTW, there is something waiting for you over at my blog... :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Sad but still somehow hopeful, I think.

I love, "mischievous lord of naught."

Anonymous said...

Sad but still somehow hopeful, I think.

I love, "mischievous lord of naught."

Vesper said...

Szelsofa, if you felt the sadness, it means I've managed to convey my feelings through these words. I'm rather pleased. :-) Thank you!

Taffiny, thank you! It's not about specific things I did when I was in my teenage years or in my twenties, for instance, but mostly about the idea of youth, of beginnings, of endless possibilities....

Thank you, Bernita!

Oh, Emperor Ropi, I'm sorry... But, don't be sad, you're seventeen, your whole life is ahead of you, just use it well!

Thank you, Jon, thank you so much!

Vanilla, double thanks to you! :-)

David, thank you! Hope, yes, we have to keep hoping...

Wilf said...

Lovely mournful piece, Vesper. Addy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and devastating at the same time.

I hope the sun shines on the snow.

Vesper said...

Oh, Addy, thank you so much!

Jason, I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully, it shines somewhere...