Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nothing Like a Roar...

Nothing like a roaring lion to shake me and wake me up from the darkest of melancholies. I have Vanilla to thank for this! She always has the right words, so beautiful, so powerful, so considerate, so soothing. The words she wrote about me, humble me. Oh, how I wish they were reflecting the (harsh) reality. But, I’ll tell you what I can do – I can try to live up to them, I can do my best to give a good purpose to this roaring lion…

The Roar was initiated by the tamer of the literary lions of Lyon, who writes (at) Shameless Words. He’s launched this project aiming to celebrate good and powerful writing in the blogosphere, which is often very good despite what some say in the mainstream media. The recipients have to list three things they believe are necessary for good, powerful writing, and pass the award on to five blogs they want to honour.

Shameless says:

“Let's send a roar through the blogosphere!”

So, here we go…

1. Talent – Not everybody can write, just as not everybody can paint, or compose music, or take wondrous photographs. You have to be blessed (or rather cursed?) with this gift, together with a consuming fire that will not allow you to relent from spilling your soul, in black marks on screen or paper, again, and again, and again. Craft can be learned through diligent exercise, but no one can “teach” you the talent.
2. Imagination - A vivid imagination is what allows you to live and write about lives that you couldn’t possibly reach otherwise, due to obvious limitations. In your imagination, you could go anywhere, be anything, and experience everything.
3. A love for the language - You have to read, read, and read. Drink from the fountain of others’ phrases. Revel in the discovery of beautiful words, taste their fullness on your tongue, listen to their songs in your head. Play with the words, break grammar rules, use the Thesaurus, do not go for the laziest choice, for the commonplace option. (Of course, plenty of exercise is needed for that too.)

And now, in alphabetical order, the roaring lion goes to:

Canterbury Soul at Doors Left Open
David at Witnessing Am I
Ello at Random Acts of Unkindness
Jason Evans at Clarity of Night
Jon M. at Writing in a Vacuum

Your words enthral me, move me, amaze me, and make me think. You definitely “roar”!
(You can choose your Roar Award image here.)


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ah but what I wrote about your powerful words do reflect the reality, Vesper. I wouldn't write that which I didn't believe to be true. :-) Trust to your words and their power, know that you have the talent and the imagination - and let the muse soar with you up into the realms of words, language, and story. Live the passion.

The award is well-deserved - enjoy it! So glad you passing it on to some others who were also on my list!

Jeff said...

Congratulations, Vesper! Well-deserved.

Minx said...

This roar is spreading - well deserved, Vesp.

Vesper said...

Oops, Vanilla, I'll do it! :-) Thank you very very very much! xoxo

Thank you kindly, Jeff! :-)

Minx, thank you so much!!! :-)

Taffiny said...

Congratulations Vesper!!

Rather you hadn't written
nothing like a roar, though.
there's nothing like a dame, is now in my head, repeating refrain

there is nothing like a roaring dame Vesper :)

Emperor Ropi said...

Congratulation for the award. I hope I am going to get an award like that but I am happy because I am awarded with my readers' attention.

Jon M said...


Thanking you Vesp! I'm umbled! :-)

Shameless said...

Your purple choice of award is great against the pink background! Well done, V. And it's so exciting to see the ROARRRRRRRRRRRR going through the best of the blogosphere! :-)

Wilf said...

Congrats, Vesper, a well deserved roar of approval!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, good and wise and talented Vesper. I can think of no one out there in the big blogland more deserving than you.

And thank you for passing it along. (You are also very kind.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Vesper, I'm very honored. Thanks for the roar!! I like the thought of all us making some noise in the blogosphere. :) Here's to roaring even louder in the days to come.

Travis Erwin said...

Good for you. It's always nice to have your words appreciated.

Vesper said...

"There is nothin' you can name/That is anythin' like a dame!" Ain't that right, Taffiny? Thank you! :-)

Thanks, Ropi! You're right, reader's attention - that's the best. But I (like to) think that this award comes from that. :-)

Jon, you're welcome! Mortlock "roars"!!! :-)

Thanks, Seamus! You had such a great idea! :-)

Thank you, Addy, and the very same to you!

David, now I have to hide! Let's see, where could I hide my red ears?... You are such a sweet guy!

Ah, Jason, if not to you then to whom?

Travis, thank you! You're so right.

Ello said...

I am so honored by your words and by the award that comes with it. It means more to me that someone that I admire and who is admired by others I admire (yes lots of admiration going on!) thinks I am deserving of such an awesome award. Wow. That is so cool. Thank you very much!

Vesper said...

Ello, yes, lots of admiration going on... That's good! :-) You deserve the award! And thank you for your very kind words.