Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Broken News

He woke up
one morning
only to find his heart
impaled on her remarkable

it was not that insufferable.

Others were there

the ailments
or the penance of their souls
in all shapes
and colours.

What an odd
comforting community
they formed
as they wildly
in the face of adversity
under a bleak
of hope-despair.


Ropi said...

I wonder what does this picture show?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I *LOVE* that...

The first part is the best... 'comically impaled on her remarkable absence..'

Just love it.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Sarah Hina said...

Maybe my favorite poem of yours, Vesper. And perfectly matched to that astonishing photo.

We've all known that desperate twist of hope-despair. But there is some comfort in company.

So well captured.

c.s. said...

"find his heart comically impaled on her remarkable absence."

this is an excellent line in an excellent poem!

BernardL said...

Nice melancholy flavor.

Vesper said...

Ropi, it's the place I'm describing in the poem! :-) Just joking... It's art in a Montreal park, on the shores of the St.Lawrence river.

Thank you, Scarlett! I had fun with that line. :-)

Sarah, thank you! Hope-despair, I feel it could be a new word... :-)

Thank you so much, C.S.!

Vesper said...

Thank you, Bernard! :-)

Lisa said...

Just stunning! I wish I could hear you read it.

Leigh Russell said...

A very interesting juxtaposition of ideas. Love the poem.

Vesper said...

Thank you, Lisa! There's a certain rhythm to it that I can hear when I read it in the voice of my mind...

Leigh, thank you and thank you for visiting!

Bernita said...

"the penance of their souls" - another remarkable line.