Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter, An Instant

like a heavenly paintbrush,
the wind, in our garden,
had fun with
the uncountable
geometries of snow.
Its hurried dance
of snowflakes
surprised us with ice flowers,
and polar bears,
and bushy tails
of white foxes,
and all the firs
got heavy shawls
of candyfloss.
On this day
of solstice,
we sat on the windowsill
among all
the geraniums in bloom.
You held me in your arms,
our hearts two birds
with wings entwined.
How lovely winter
watched from
the safety of
your embrace.
How beautiful
your words of love,
tickling my ear.
How warm your laughter,
on this cold day
of winter solstice.


the walking man said...

Vesper...what is it in you that would make you praise winter? And I thought of all the people I visit regularly, you were the sanest of the sane...*sigh* another illusion deposited in the snowbank.

The second half though offers a reason for redemption hope. Your sanity is not heavily questioned for though you gave me the bone deep chills with the first you warmed me at the end.

This work is a great balance between snow and cold; love and warmth. Contrasting the cold world without with the warm one within.

Anonymous said...

Amazing descriptions of the snow, Vesper. And such a warm, glowing moment. :)

Maybe it should snow more often....

Sarah Hina said...

You held me in your arms,
our hearts two birds
with wings entwined.

Vesper, these lines made me smile, and sigh.

Beautiful descriptions here, and the warmth at the end soothed the chill. I need to read this again...

L.A. Mitchell said...

Those who wish for it see the beauty. Happy Solstice, Vesper :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Winter IS beautiful.

Outside the window
when you're warm inside
With plenty to eat
and a blankey.

laughingwolf said...

happy solstice indeed, v... and i'm with charles on this score; winter IS lovely, out THERE ;) lol

season's blessings to you and yours

BernardL said...

Fireplace with a view... oh yeah. Nice touch. :)

Rick said...

Vesper, this is yet another of the many reasons I come to visit your wonderful blog.

Miladysa said...


Lovely! And I LOVE your new template too!

Merry Christmas to YOU and Yours Vesper x

Marilyn Brant said...

You've made me want to lose myself in the beauty of winter, Vesper, and given my current fury at the snow and ice, that's quite an accomplishment :-).

Thanks for another gorgeous poem and the happiest of holidays to you and your family.

Vesper said...

Mark, thank you! :-) :-) :-)
I'm glad I warmed you a bit in the end... :-)

Jason, thank you! Hmmmm, yes, like that maybe it should... :-)

Sarah, I'm very glad you liked it... Thank you! ;-)

You're right, L.A.. Thank you! :-)

Charles and LW, lovely it IS, and right now there IS a lot (and still coming)... :-)

Thank you, Bernard.... :-)

Rick, thank you! I'm so glad you're visiting! :-)

Thank you Miladysa. And thank you for your good wishes. The same and more to you! :-)

Wow, Marilyn, thank you! :-) All the best to you and your family.

Amber said...

Hi, just browsing blogs, I hope you don't mind!

It was a beautiful poem. I think winter is the most amazing time of the year!

It's hard to believe how fast it comes and goes though! Not sure how it is where you're from but this crazy Michigan weather is driving me nuts!!

SzélsőFa said...

Your (not-almost) poetry truly warmed my heart :)
Merry (belated) Christas and happy New Year to you all!

Karen said...

Vesper - I'm going back and reading some of your older posts, and I'm glad that I am! This is a beautiful description of a winter day and a lovely moment.