Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beware of the Wolf Man!

He’ll stalk you when the full moon is out!

In one of our entirely too numerous trips to the dollar store, which now has increased – if that is even possible - its fascination upon my daughters with its display of Halloween paraphernalia, I picked up the book that you can see below.

I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to buy a book with such a title for one Canadian dollar (well, 1.13 after you throw in the taxes…).

It’s a children’s book, previously sold by Toys’R’Us for 2.69, according to the label on the back. Published in 1992, is was adapted from the Universal film “The Wolf Man” by Justine Korman and illustrated by Art Ruiz.

Why am I giving these many details about it? Because it’s a surprisingly good book. It’s a small treasure.

You can read the blurb from the back cover.

I’m not suggesting you go out and seek it, however, I must say that I loved it. It is written in a relatively simple language, for the intended readers, but it is well written, suspenseful, even scary. They’re not lying in the blurb…

“The Wolf Man” is a 1941 film with Lon Chaney, Jr., a classic of the horror cinema. Imdb gives it a rating of 7.4/10, which is very good. I plan to find it and watch it. From what I read, a remake’s been filmed, with Benicio Del Torro in the main role, but hasn’t been released yet.

And in the meantime I can have fun with another “delicious” book for the season…


Charles Gramlich said...

I wish I'd have found it!

Fireblossom said...

Clap for the Wolfman, la la la. Oh, oops! That Wolfman was a disc jockey. Well gee, I get so confused. ;-)

It's always satisfying to find a treasure at the bargain store, isn't it? Just be careful, Vesper, when shopping at night in the wilds of Canada. Oh dear, what was that sound, in the shadows??? ;-)

Michelle Johnson said...

Sometimes it's the small treasures we find that give us the most pleasure. Isn't it great when we can find these oldies? I used to stay up late at night with my great aunt to watch such old scary movies. It was always great fun. Have a wonderful day.

Aine said...

Yay! Halloween time! Love the blog decor. :)

Last year was the season of the vampire (with Twilight, etc). Perhaps we're moving on to werewolves (erm, yeah, New Moon...) I'm hoping Hollywood will deliver a really good gothic ghost story soon!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I may seek that out.

I bet it's worth it alone for the "Full-Color Poster Inside".

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found a forgotten gem to polish. :) He'll stalk you, indeed!

Karen said...

I love your new background! The Wolf Man was one of my favorite scaries when I was a child. Every Saturday night at 11:00 a TV show called "Chiller Theater" featured werevolves, vampires, and all things scary. Great fare for breeding suspense lovers. Thanks for the reminder.

Catvibe said...

Oooh, I love your halloween blog skin! Nice! Looks like a fun book too. I kind of miss the children's books now that my kids are all grown up.

S said...

Hi Vesper,
We have the $ store in our area, too. Delightfully creepy and fun post!
(I think we "met" months ago via K's blog Old Mossy Moon. I'm now truly back in blogland.)

Hi Karen,
I was delighted you visited and you can read my reply in that comment thread. As a stressful 2009 nears an end, I'm delighted to be up and running full blast.(I have dearly missed the camaraderie from sharing writing.) I even added you to my blogroll, something I need to build from scratch!

-gel This is my new writing & photography blog address

the walking man said...

This is to inform you that six nights ago when the moon was full, Wolfman made the mistake of stalking for victims in Detroit. He now lies unclaimed in the morgue. He was found without identification or money and it is assumed he was the victim of a street robbery.

Vesper said...

Charles, if I can still find it, I’ll buy another one and send it to you. :-) At the store where I bought it, it was sold out.

Fireblossom, I’ve no idea who the disc jockey Wolfman was… :-)
Yes, it’s nice to find things like that. In fact, I might talk about another one in a future post.
Ooohhh, the wilds of Canada…. Watch out… :-)

Michelle, you’re right about the small treasures.
I love the old horror movies. Some, like the 1922 Nosferatu or the 1931 Dracula with Bela Lugosi, have passed very well the test of time…
A wonderful day to you, too.

Thanks, Aine! :-) I didn’t think about trends, but I think you’re right… A gothic ghost story – I’d love that! :-)

It’s definitely worth it, Paul! :-)

Jason, thanks. :-) Some of the old movies are quite interesting. While they don’t benefit of the modern computerised techniques, they often offer much more in terms of atmosphere and suggestion…

Karen, thank you! The background’s in honour of the season.
"Chiller Theater"! – I love the name! :-)

Thanks, Cat! Yeah, I read a lot of children’s books these days, certainly more than adult’s books. But I enjoy them!

Thank you, Gel!
I have visited your new blog and I’ll come back to it. It’s good to have you back in blogland!

Mark, oops! They must’ve had some silver bullets…

laughingwolf said...

yeeehaw! good find, v... actually, both are!

will see if i can find either around here, though dollar stores here carry no books :(

the first is also a guide to good writing hemingway taught: short words and simple writing :)

Vesper said...

LW, yeah, they are. :-) I found the second one at a book sale - it's a huge book, of hundreds of pages.

laughingwolf said...

former is a fun read; latter, a great source of inspiration, sounds like :)

word verif: dianneye

Rick said...

Vesper, I hope this gets through to you, since the last couple of blog comments I've left for you were eaten up by something hiding in the blogging internet.

Anyway, I'm writing a werewolf novel so I really appreciated this post! And I was thinking a bunch of us should do a novel alternating chapters, but that might be a little hard to accomplish with everyone's schedules being what they are.