Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Chills

under the round Moon
tears of the gone rain
on dying leaves
like just as many diamonds
or eyes
of secret beasts
who read your soul
and wait
your heart
to falter
you hurry
your fears
under the round Moon


the walking man said...

Love this soon as I find something to fear I will hurry it home and have it for my dinner.

Karen said...

Ooh! You are in your element! This has so many striking images - beautiful (the round moon, tears of the gone rain, glimmer, dying leaves, many diamonds) and chilling (secret beasts, read your soul, wait for your heart to falter). I love the form and how you brought us back "under the round Moon" at the end. Every phrase is special and the line breaks make them so.

I look forward to your posts, and this one is great Halloween fare!

BernardL said...

Perfect October imagery.

Charles Gramlich said...

Gone rain. Perfect. Many evocative lines and words here. You polish them up like a gem cutter polishes facets.

Fireblossom said...

Ah but the moon, being feminine in nature, will light your way and see that you arrive safely home to your nest!

Geraldine said...

Beautiful work Vesper. What a talent you have!

Michelle Johnson said...

i'm so enjoying these October stories/ poems. they are so full of images and are a gentle reminder to look over your shoulder. have a great weekend.

laughingwolf said...

chilling... do you serve it with a tankard of mulled wine, perchance? ;)

[btw, i'm only doing 5 halloween-type tales this year, one for each saturday of the month, in my h-5 series, 3 posted so far]

Rick said...

Vesper, the imagery in this piece is intriguing. The image of the glimmer on dying leaves is quite compelling.

Aniket said...

Firstly, I'm absolutely in love with your theme. I want that witch & moon on my blog too!!!

And I love your poem too. Secret beasts are good people. They serve me with warm yummy blood every time I visit them! :D

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This one caught my breath. Direct, but so rich. The beads of rain as eyes....

Great one, Vesper. :)

Vesper said...

Thank you, Mark! Oohhh… now you’re scaring me…

Karen, I am… and I’m glad you liked this. Thank you!

Thank you, Bernard!

Charles, I cannot describe how happy your comment made me. Thank you! :-)

I hope so, Fireblossom, but who knows… And what if , like in the previous vignette, your nest is not safe? What if?... :-)

Thank you, Geraldine, you’re very kind!

I’m very glad you like these, Michelle! Thank you.

LW, mmm, mulled wine, yes… Thank you! ;-)

I love your Halloween tales!

Rick, intriguing is good… Thank you!

Aniket, the background is available for free – you have the link in the upper left corner. But you must write something for the season to use it… :-)
And thank you for the kind words about the poem!

Happy Halloween to you too! – I’m waiting for that ghost story… :-)

Oh, Jason! Need I say I'm beaming? :-)
Thank you, my friend...

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

under the round moon...lovely, of course!!!! :)