Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thinking of a Dead Fish on the Shores of Lake Erie

I stood there in the summer wind
Expecting to fall
In the grips of philosophy,
Where some life-altering
Revelation would hit me,
Would tumble me to tears.
Nothing more than the wind came.
I was saving ladybugs,
Caught in the fine seaweed,
Like rubies on emerald velvet,
From the flood of each tiny wave
And all the seagulls slept
And all the ducks.
The same shy surf that lapped at my shoes,
Played with the dead fish
And made it look as if it still swam.
Maybe it was swimming,
In the distant dream
Of another water.
There was a lazy, unassuming peace
In watching that fish
On the shores of Lake Erie.


Liza said...

"Would tumble me to tears.
Nothing more than the wind came."
That is wonderful.
This piece is wonderful.
Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Johnson said...

what a beautiful tribute to the fish. loved the image of saving the ladybugs too. your writing is wonderful to experience. hope all is well. have a great weekend.

Charles Gramlich said...

Nicely done.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

And so, you did fall into the grips of philosophy after all...the idea that nothing really ends.

So great to read your arresting work again. I have always loved your word choices and the way you turn a phrase, and of course your themes.

BernardL said...

A fitting eulogy for the unavoidable circle of life.

Vesper said...

Liza, I’m so glad you liked this. Thank you!

Michelle, it felt like a magical moment… I simply had to write about it. Thank you, my friend.

Thank you, Charles!

I guess, I did, dear Kaye, I always do… :-)
Thank you so much for your kind words.

Bernard, it felt like that… Thank you!

Bernita said...


laughingwolf said...

wb v, missed you... :)

great piece, you've not lost your touch!

i spent a lot of my life in and around lake erie, it was polluted even then :(

Vesper said...

Thank you, Bernita!

LW, I read your comment this morning. It really made my day! Thank you, my friend... :-)

Karen said...

How nice to see you back again! You go away for ages and then come back with something as full and deep as this. It lets us know why we keep checking to see if you're still there.

Vesper said...

My dear Karen, you're so sweet. Thank you for keeping your faith in me. xoxoxo