Monday, April 08, 2013


Today I’m happy
to just be

a bee perhaps
a fly
a ladybug

rocked gently
by the
placid breeze

the youthful leaf
is all I see

a patch of blue
could be
the sky

from where
sweet warmth
on me

today I’m happy
to just be


image from A Bug Blog

This is for this week’s prompt at Geraldine’s Woven Dreams.


Fireblossom said...

What a buzzzzzzzzzzz, just to "bee".


Teri Casper said...

Just great!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful words Vesper, what a welcome to spring!

And how great to have you back, I hope your trip to NY was amazing!!!

Hugs, G :<)

Anonymous said...

PS: I just noted the tag: birthday, if you just had one, Happy Birthday to you! I just had one too. April babies are always kindred spirits it seems.

More hugs, G

Brian Miller said...

smiles...happy to just a wonderful thing...and as to the bees i was noticing them this evening buzzing around the trees off the front deck....we had a lovely spring day here today...was great to just be in the sun...

so how was the city?

Brian Miller said...

and uh
happy birthday

Vesper said...

Fireblossom, a buzzzz indeed! ;-)

Teri, thanks! :-)

Geraldine, thank you! Yes, Manhattan was amazing, as always... *big sigh*
And, yes, it is - well, it was my birthday until about 18 minutes ago - on April 8th. I loved the prompt this week, so suited to my mood. Happy belated Birthday to you too! You're right, we Aries are very much alike... :-)

Brian, thank you... and thank you!
No bees here yet, just imaginary ones... :-)
The city was crazy and wonderful. Thank you for the tip for the High Line! So strange and beautiful to walk in this quiet park in the middle of the bustling city.

coffee + cocoa =) said...

thumbs up! very timely emotion for sprigtime! =) happiness!

the walking man said...

Vesper I would bee happy too if Alberta would quit sending those clippers south sometime soon...seriously from the high 60's to the mid 20's in 12 hours...did we do something to piss the Canadians off? besides keep the Stanley Cup?

Charles Gramlich said...

If I had to be an insect, I think a hornet would be about my speed!

strugglingwriter said...

<3 it.

Also, finally a poem I'm smart enough to understand!


Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I enjoyed your Spring-like sentiment. :)

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, this is great!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Vesper this is so amazing...just letting ourselves "bee" :)

Anonymous said...

Love this simple little poem. It says so much in such a few words. Beautiful. And the perfect picture to go with it.

Geraldine said...

Stopping in to see what's new and wish you a wonderful weekend. It's SNOWING here!!! Yikes.

Lots of hugs, G

Vesper said...

Thank you, coffee + cocoa! And what a wonderful name you have! :-)

Mark , wasn’t me! :-) And last week we’ve got plenty of snow from your side also… :-)

Charles, hmmm, scary… :-)

Paul, thanks! You’re so funny!:-)

Bernard, I’m glad you did! :-)

Thank you, Tumblewords! :-)

Keith, thank you! We should do that more often… :-)

Joyce, thank you. This is much appreciated.

Geraldine, so there too? Yikes indeed! And I already had my summer tires on. Not such a nice experience… Many hugs for you too!

TALON said...

I loved this, Vesper... so beautifully whimsical and lyrical.

I saw my first bee of the season in the crocus blooms (which are the only blooms who dare to show their faces yet) and I always think it must be magical to fly :)

Vesper said...

Talon, thank you! :-)
Everything is so late here in Montreal... I can only dream of spring... (Although, I did see a bunch of snowdrops in somebody's yard... :-) )

Anonymous said...

Hi Vesper,

This is great, I could almost feel that spring/summer breeze! I wish I was any good at poetry, you seem to be excellent at it.

Also, happy birthday! :)


laughingwolf said...

sweet... petite :)

down to freezing again tonite... maybe 13C, or so, tomorrow

Vesper said...

Julia, thank you for visiting! And for your very kind words! And for the birthday wishes! :-)

LW, I saw a big butterfly in my garden a few days ago. I don't think it was a Monarch, but it was beautiful. Poor guy, he didn't seem very confident, as if he himself was wondering what he was doing out there so early... No flowers, not even leaves, only a shadow of green where the grass should be... I hope he's all right... :-)