Monday, April 22, 2013

Where Are the Sunny Days?

I am in dire need
of the magic switch
that turns rain
into sunshine
and, no,
do not tell me
that rain brings flowers
there’s no point in
mentioning rainbows
you know what I’m talking about
you surely remember
the days
of brilliant sunlight
when everything seemed endless
when we were masters of the Universe

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This is linked to Geraldine’s Woven Dreams Prompts.


Anonymous said...

Aren't we all my friend. Can't complain about today though, here in BC we had clear blue skies and warm weather. I went shopping in short sleeves, what a treat to feel the sun on my face.

Love your sweet poem and photo! (Just don't tell Ched about that photo comment!!!)

Hugs, G

TALON said...

This made me nostalgic, Vesper. It made me think of the days when I was a child, going on hikes with my siblings and friends on hot August afternoons...yes, those days seemed truly endless. I guess the best part is, remembering that feeling though it's harder to emulate these days.

Brian Miller said...

yes, there were those magical days of my youth...the ones that some days i still pine for...smiles...we can still have them...just different...smiles.

the walking man said...

I know exactly what you're talking about Vesper but I can find no way to stop the storms, that we may again be masters of the Universe.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Vesper. As I look out my window today, again at our latest fresh snowfall (several more inches to add what we got last week) it does not look like the flakes will disappear too soon unless we get some serious sunny warm days again. But the forecast promises those sunny warm days for this coming weekend. April has turned out to be our snowiest and coldest one now on record. Great little poem and cute picture of the little dog enjoying the romp. Our Maggie Mae (Australian cattle dog) is waiting for more walks along the river or the chance to go to the 'doggie park' to play with 'friends'. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I liked rain when I was a kid, because it often meant I could stay in and read rather than have to do chores on the farm. Sunny days on the farm mean work from dawn to dusk. Not anymore for me, of course, but I still don't mind rainy days.

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Wouldn't it be great if there was a magic switch?! That picture is too cute!

laughingwolf said...

if it's warm rain, i don't mind... cold rain is my bane

hurry spring, enough of this cold!

TALON said...

Vesper, they have MORE SNOW FLURRIES forecast for here tomorrow morning! ICK!

At least tonight's full moon is making up for it a little bit.

Vesper said...

EVERYBODY, thanks so much for reading and commenting! It is very, very much appreciated!

We are, Geraldine, but as you said we can enjoy the sun on our face... And I won't tell Mr. Cheddar, I promise! :-)

Talon, nice feelings and memories linger, making us richer, bringing the warmth on the inside... Snow again?! NOOO! Just can't take it anymore... The full moon tonight was gorgeous!

Brian, magical, yes... or at least that's how they feel now when they are behind us... Probably, at the time we couldn't wait to grow up.

Mark, my friend, I guess we just have to go with the flow... although I'm still trying to hold on to various roots on the riverbank...

Joyce, we're all waiting for the renewal brought by spring. I'm sure we'll be much happier with the sun or our faces... I love the name of your dog!

Charles, I love this different perspective! Good point!

Robyn, thank you for visiting! Magical switches for all kinds of things would probably be very nice... :-)

LW, it's almost here! Hang in there... :-)

Lorraine said...

so beautiful, it's almost heartbreaking, I couldnt post on Sunday April 21 (my birthday because my laptop crashed, and I lost all my photos) now Im on a borrowed comp and the accents are all in the wrong places ..geesh lol i managed to recuperate some of my fav.

Vesper said...

Lorraine, thank you so much!
And my best (belated) wishes to you for your birthday!
Yes, that's the risk with the digital photos, wonderfully easy to take but so easy to lose also. But, maybe not all is lost - I think a computer specialist might be able to recover them. I'm so sorry it happened.

SzélsőFa said...

a lovely simile and it made me, too feel nostalgic about my childhood, too.
i remember i liked rain as well, though.
and as for now?
i like storms and sunshine just alike, it's the fog that sometimes bothers me.
sometimes it's mysterious, and that is fine, but sometimes it's just dull :(