Friday, September 21, 2007

5 Strengths as a Writer

Dear Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes has so graciously tagged me for this meme. At first I was scared, I admit. Wait, I thought, am I a writer? Yes, of course you are, I said to myself, this is what you think of you, but what scares you is to be called that in the outside world without the credentials of at least a published story, as if, by doing that, others were somehow going to call your bluff. Having recognized this fear, though, I started thinking about extracting something positive from my insecurities. I thank Colleen for the challenge.

So here it goes:

1. I can hear well my voice, my writing voice, and I think – without false modesty – that it’s not such a bad one. This voice comes to me, it sings to me, and it flows. I might have to dress it up or clean it up a bit, but I still think it flows quite well.

2. I am very determined, very stubborn. I will not give up. If kicked down, I will not stay down for long. A rejection slip will give me a sinking feeling for a day or two, and then I’m up and fighting again (that is, writing again!). I have an utter faith in my abilities (I am an Aries, remember!).

3. I am willing to learn all the time – from books, from people. I welcome constructive criticism, and can put my ego aside, relatively easily, for the sake of learning how to improve my craft.

4. I am a good listener and have an intuition that allows me to see, quite accurately, behind the façade of people, reach their soul, understand their real motives, and use the knowledge in creating my characters.

5. There is nothing I like more than writing. I couldn’t imagine life without writing. It is like air to me; I look in amazement at people who have no interest in it and wonder how they can possibly live like that.

I’m tagging for this:

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colleen said...

Studying and having an innate sense of understanding of people is an important writer's trait, I believe. You are because you do, over and over, whether exhilarated or frustrated by it.

Thank you for sharing this. On the surface writing looks so easy, but I know it takes time and perseverance and reading this makes me not feel so odd and alone in that self-imposed task.

Vesper said...

Thank you, Colleen!

c.s. said...

did mine. thank you! :)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yes, of course you are a writer. You are a member of the Shameless Lions Writing Circle, aren't you? And that makes you a writer! ... It doesn't? ... Oh.

Nevertheless, you are a writer. I know 'cause I have read your blog.


Vesper said...

Good, CS! You're welcome. :-)

Thank you, Bonnie, thank you very much!

Taffiny said...

oh boo hoo, I want a lion too!

Well now you can't be surprised if I use some of your stuff for my own, except of course I lack your strengths, like insight into people (peeking behind their facades), being able to take criticism, being a fighter, et cetera, oh so I guess I will have to make up, I mean think up, my own.
I am glad you have your strengths, I hope they take you wherever you wish to go (like published, the land of the published, and then on to the land of the read, which is just over the hill from published I believe.)

Vesper said...

Taffiny, you are a writer and you have many strengths even though, at first, they might be more difficult to recognize. Search your heart...
And thank you for your good wishes.

sognatrice said...

Wonderful list, and I see that we both tagged David, and you tagged others that I had been thinking of saddling with the burden. We're even both in the Shameless Circle--how have I missed you for so long?

I look forward to making up for lost time and reading more from you :)

Vesper said...

Sognatrice, thank you and thank you for visiting. It is a big circle...
Do come back! :-)

Jon M said...

Don't forget the fact that you're a supportive critiquer (is that a word?)!

Vesper said...

It is now, Jon! :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful list, Ms Versper. I am envious at many of your traits but happy for you that you see these strengths, recognize them. Hold them and trust them. You are an extremely gifted writer.

Vesper said...

You're much too kind, David, I'm blushing. Thank you, I hold your trust very dear.