Wednesday, January 23, 2008


artwork by George Grie at

blue is the name of my world
under a blue sun
a magnificent blue giant
in a blue sea I swim
invisible in my blue skin
except for the sweet blue fish
and the spicy blue jellyfish
my slippery companions
i am faraway
i am lost in the blue
throw me a white hook of words
cast me a green net of illusions
i am faraway
in the blue
yet still here
still here

Copyright © 2008 Vesper L. All rights reserved.


Aine said...

The artwork is fabulous. And your poem compliments it so well. I love to get lost in a fantasy world that is otherworldly.

This reminds me of a book I read years ago (at the recommendation of a biology professor): "A Door into Ocean" by Joan Slonczewski.

I just might have to pull that off the shelf and put it in my "to read" pile. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Swim for the cold water. In it's shock, the blue world will break.

Vesper said...

Thank you, Aine. Oh, give me an ocean and I will need nothing else... I'll try to find that book - just its title is so tempting. :-)

Good advice, Jason. Thank you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I like this part:
"spicy blue jellyfish
my slippery companions"

I liked the choice of artwork as well.

Travis Erwin said...


I'm not much into poetry but I found myself rereading this one several times.

SzélsőFa said...

The end feels like swimming!

Church Lady said...

This is very nice. I agree with Aine--compliments the picture completely!!!

Vesper said...

Thank you, Travis! A great compliment, if you're not much into poetry... :-)

Szelsofa, yes, I wish I could do it now! :-)

Thank you, Church Lady, I'm glad you liked both the picture and the words. :-)

Taffiny said...

Do you wish to be pulled out, or do you wish to keep swimming deep?

Or is it a bit of both, wanting to stay yet feeling you should surface?

Best dream I ever had I was a jelly fish. (it was so much fun, floating, flying, twirling, gliding)

Akasha Savage said...

I loved the picture, and your poem suited it so well. :)

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Beautiful and slightly poignant poem, Vesper and love the image.

I love blue - in all its shades, it's evocative, reflective, intriguing, cooling - just beautiful - it takes us to a different world.

But I suspect maybe you have a need for some orange in your life :-)

Love and hugs

Emperor Ropi said...

that picture reminds me a bit to the 2nd star wars movie.

Minx said...

Tidy pome, Vesper.

I went and had a gawp at the neosurrealist site - some nice stuff there. It tickled me that Google had thought to add a advert for religious painting there!

Vesper said...

Thank you, Paul, I'm glad you liked it. I apologise for not answering earlier.

Good questions, Taffiny. I don't really know the answer...

Akasha, thank you so much.

Thank you, Vanilla, some orange would be good. :-) Love and hugs to you too.

Ropi, I love Star Wars!

Thank you, Minx. Interesting about the religious painting advert - maybe something in one of the titles made Google put that ad in.

colleen said...

I once did a poetry reading in which all the poems had the word blue in them. I was suprised by how often blue shows up. It's one of my favorite words, if not colors.

Ello said...

I love it! I hope you are collecting all of your poems to publish in a poetry collection. I will be anxiously waiting a copy of it for I do love your poems. They always elicit an emotion.

SzélsőFa said...

Ditto what Ello said.
After your comment on my site, having re-read your blue poem today now I see what you mean in a different...hmm...colour...?

Vesper said...

Colleen, yes blue is a nice colour and a nice round word. :-)

Ello, thank you! You're entirely too kind but your words are much appreciated. :-)

Szelsofa, thank you and thank you for coming back...

John Eaton said...

Very very cool, V. Would make a great lyric. Do you songwrite, too?

Hotwire said...

wow - this made my day!!!

Vesper said...

Thank you, John! I'd like to be able to write music, but unfortunately I'm not...

Thank you, Hotwire - and your comment made my day!

Pearl said...

link change: Skint flint now is

and is 404

bleeding espresso said...

The movement here is fabulous--truly swimming from line to line. Lovely.

Vesper said...

Duly noted, Pearl.

Thank you so much, Sognatrice!