Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Resolution, the Sin of Impatience, and the Aries

If impatience were a sin, then I would be a big time sinner.

When I want something, I usually want it NOW. It’s extremely difficult for me to wait for anything. I’m not talking about (buying) material things, although this could sometimes apply to certain books or films. I’m talking about doing things, or, worse, seeing them finished. I’ve been working on some discipline for the last few years (or maybe age has made me wiser?!?! – uh-uh, I don’t think so!)

Although I do not believe in astrology, there is an aspect of it that fascinates me and that is how well the descriptions for the various signs suit the people I know, including myself. So, can I blame this impatience on being an Aries? Maybe. Apparently, the prayer of an Aries sounds something like this: “Oh, God, please give me patience because I really need it. And I need it NOW!”

Now what about the resolution? Normally, I couldn’t and wouldn’t even talk about this, let alone write about it, for fear of jinxing it. I very seldom talk about my projects while I’m planning them or working on them. However, this time I thought that, by putting it in writing, it would act as a promise, that it would be binding, that I couldn’t hide from it, or even procrastinate.

Therefore, yes, here it is. I have decided to start writing a novel.

This year I will try to develop a story I love and find very interesting, one I’ve been living in on and off for about two and a half years now. I was trying to squeeze it into a short story, terrified by the incredibly low word count accepted by magazines, but it just doesn’t fit and I think that I have more to say on the topic.

So this is my Resolution for this year.

Also, here’s where my dreaded impatience comes to hard trial. Writing a novel, I believe, represents travelling on a long and tortuous way. It represents very hard work and lots of patience. I’ve been spending more than three years training myself to write short stories, and now I have to put all this knowledge somewhere on a back burner and start thinking “novel”, start remembering what I’ve been reading about that and start studying new things. First of all, start writing. (That I have started!) But, after all, I don’t mind it. I love a challenge. I’m an Aries.


Akasha Savage said...

Excellent resolution vesper...good luck. You sound like I did about two years ago - now I am a good way through my second draft. I genuinely wish you all the best will in the world, writing a novel can be such hard work at times. A lonely business, with only yourself to give you a pat on the back....keep us inform of your progress.

Emperor Ropi said...

99% of the cases I am too patient so I differ from you.

SzélsőFa said...

Good Luck Vesper with the project. I love how you declare your disbelief in astrology only to resume a perfect Aries-monologue later on.
I assume there will some fun included in that novel, too :)
I happen to believe in certain aspects of astrology - I have seen so many similar Leos and Scorpions for example.
My daughter is an Aries, too!

Bernita said...

A novel?
This is wonderful!

Anonymous said...


No jinxing will occur, just a good public promise on a perfect idea. Keep us posted on the progress. It'll be wonderful. The idea is wonderful, all by itself.

Church Lady said...

Church Lady thinks everyone is a sinner.
And with those big lips on your blog.....

Jon M said...

Go for it! But develop that patience, this post sooooo struck a chord with me. I've been waiting for ages!

Goodest luck!

Anonymous said...

Very, very happy to hear the news!

Wrap yourself in the journey. Settle for nothing less than loving it.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

What a brilliant resolution, Vesper! I'm so excited for you. The journey will be such an adventure. Just let the story lead you where it wants to go, surrender to the words and enjoy the ride!

Lisa said...

This is great! I've found that a public commitment really helps -- well, you know that. I know of a way to really keep the heat on and make some progress...interested?

Ello said...

First of all, love the pic! BEautiful.

Second - great resolution! Good for you! And whenever you feel frustrated I will be your writing buddy to nudge you when you need a nudge and to sympathize with all we have to go through in writing a novel. and I'll be with you each step of the way as I am in the midst of a new novel also!

Hoodie said...

I'm all for it.

I started a novel, got 8k done and scrapped it, but the idea still haunts me.


I'm rooting for you. You can do it!

Church Lady said...

It's a trick!! Ello is only saying that because she wants to eat your manuscript.

(One of these days she's going to pone me real bad)

Vesper said...

Thank you, Akasha. It's a bit scary looking at the very long road ahead... Your kind words are a great pat on the back. :-)

That's an advantage for you, Ropi.

Thank you, Szelsofa! :-) I suppose the characteristics of the various signs come from years and years of observation, but I'm always surprised at how accurate many of them are. I think you have a lot of "work" to do with an Aries daughter...:-)

Bernita, thank you! You're very sweet... :-)

David, thank you, your trust is wonderful... :-)

Oops, Church Lady, now let's see, how shall I repent for this.... :-)

Jon, thank you. I feel a bit of dejection in your words. We must go on. Good luck to you too!

Thank you, Jason, yes, I think the journey holds most of the fun.

Vanilla, thank you so much! You're right, and I'm ready for this adventure! :-)

Lisa, thank you for visiting! I'm certainly interested...

Ello, yes, I love it too - this white peacock says many things... Thank you, buddy! - it's very, very, very much appreciated.
Say, you don't eat manuscripts, do you, as a certain sweet Church Lady is suggesting? :-)

Thank you, Hoodie! I have more than 11k already from the short story - and many of the paragraphs are reusable. But you know that you too can do it! If the idea still haunts you, it means that you have to go back to it.

Taffiny said...

Great declaration, and a very worthy resolution.

The upside of a novel writing resolution is, while one may stop exercising, or eating right, or take up smoking again, and loss the benifits they had for a time reaped, with writing, any progress you make, you get to keep. (till editing time anyway :) ). Which I think is very helpful in encouraging one to keep going.

Very inspiring post.
I am cheering you on!

In some ways I am very patient, in others very impatient, the combination of which I am sure makes me difficult to deal with.