Monday, January 21, 2008

An EVIL Party

Come party with the Evil Editor (mwahahahahahaaaaaa - a very evil laugh indeed...) at the Church Lady's blog, of A Bench Press fame, on Thursday, January 24th.
The occasion: the release of "Novel Deviations 3".
More details from the Church Lady.

Don't be (too) afraid....


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Now I AM a little afraid.... ;)

Robin S. said...

Whoa! Hopefully this is Ee all dressed up for a costume party. It is, isn't it? Right?

Akasha Savage said...

what a horrible, horrible picture!!
I absolutely hate clowns, there is nothing appealing about them; think Pennywise!...although, saying that, I have got a story developing in the dark basement of my mind about a clown....

Church Lady said...

WOW! The scariest by far!!!

Thanks so much for posting. I am sorry I am here late. I'm having problems with Blogger where I'm not able to see all sites real time. Including, at random intervals, my own.

This is great though!! Thanks!

Jeff said...

WOW! That is one creepy looking dude!

Vesper said...

And you should be, Jason... :-) :-) :-)

Robin, I hope that's the case. I might have overdone it... :-) Thank you for visiting!

Oh, I'm sorry Akasha... :-)
I mostly feel sorry for them. I'd love to read that story one day!

Church Lady, my pleasure I've been having problems with Blogger lately.
The picture is scary, but, in fact, this Evil Editor must be a nice person who spends time helping writers... :-)

Glad you liked it, Jeff... :-) :-) :-)