Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

In December, I feel safe. It doesn’t matter that “the storm of the century” blows outside and that a fierce Snow Queen dabs the world in frost, in December I feel warm and cosy. December is a closed room, lighted by a lively fire that brings a glow of contentment on people’s faces. Nothing bad can touch me in there. December is gifts, and good food, and good wine (hot wine with sugar and cinnamon!), and snowmen, and sleighing. The year’s still here. There is still time.

In January, I feel vulnerable. January looks to me like a wide open space, a field of endless snow under a brilliant sun. I am afraid of January. It feels like uncharted territory. Who knows what I will have to face in there?

But enough of my New Year’s blues. The New Year is indeed here. I wish all of you that it is your best yet, I wish it full of hopes and dreams fulfilled, of love, and laughter, and loved ones, of good health and good cheer, of courage. Happy New Year!

What better time to listen to ABBA’s bittersweet song…


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Jefferson Davis said...

Happy New Year, Vesper. :)

Emperor Ropi said...

good luck in 2008!

Amy said...

Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo Vesper. Thanks for your faith in me and stopping by after so long of a dry spell. We shall see what January brings...Amy

moonrat said...

happy new year to you too, vesper :)

Jeff said...

Happy New Year, Vesper!

Anonymous said...

january is my optimistic month. I look forward to longer days, better writing, and the rest of may happy holiday.

Minx said...

Then I wish you a speedy January, Vesper, - roll on Feb and March!!

SzélsőFa said...

I was an ABBA fan when I was a young girl. I don't listen to them usually, but every now and then some of their music finds me.
This one is really a bit sad.

I don't really feel what you do about January, but can totally see how can one feel like that.

I think January is a fresh start, which is a bit frightening, being a 'start' in the first place, but it can bring pleasures and basically, January can be just as much boring and usual as December was :-P

Have a Happy New Year, Vesper!

colleen said...

January is like a birthday in that it reminds us that time is ticking on and what have we done? I do take some solace in knowing that the days are growing longer at this point and we only need to wait out the time when the flowers will bloom.

Taffiny said...

I try to think of January as a fresh start, like Anne of Green Gables, a new day with no mistakes in it yet.

I hope your blue blows over soon, I find my mood highly changeable of late, and I do tend to get sad as winter marches on, from lack of sunny seasonal light, but I am hoping not to bother with that this year.

May your lover of words, pull you tightly into his warm embrace.

Aine said...

I totally relate to your differing descriptions of December and January. I've always felt that too (but I never put it into words.)

"January looks to me like a wide open space, a field of endless snow under a brilliant sun." That's it exactly! I don't fear it though. I just feel the vulnerability.

Jon M said...

The same to you too Vesper. Hope all goes the way you want it too and thanks for all your support this year!

Anonymous said...

January has always struck me as a curious time to enter the world. It might explain a bit about Capricorns. At least, it seems to fit me.

c.s said...

I hope there's enough of your writing to look forward to, Vesper! Happy New Year!

Church Lady said...

I always feel sad in December--counting up the many things I didn't accomplish. January is much better for me (plus, it's my birthday month!)
But I can understand your sentiments.

Vesper said...

Paul, Happy New Year to you too!

Happy New Year, Jefferson!

And good luck to you, Ropi!

Happy New Year, Amy! I hope January brings only good things to you.

And to you, Moonrat!

Happy New Year, Jeff!

That's great, Wayne! Longer days and better writing - that sound very good!!!

Ah, my dear Minx, thank you! Time will do that for all of us... :-)

It is a bit sad, Szelsofa, you're right. Happy New Year to you too! As we advance in January it is starting to feel more like a new beginning to me too. :-)

You're right, Colleen. But hopefully we too will "bloom" again... :-)

Oh, how nicely you say it, Taffiny! "a new day with no mistakes in it yet..."
And thank you for your wish - that he will do for sure... :-)

Aine, I'm glad you say that! My "fear" is gradually fading away. My optimistic nature always prevails. :-)

Thank you, Jon! It's my pleasure to be your friend...:-)

Jason, I just thought about this, all this is just a convention. After all, other people are celebrating the New Year at other dates. So, you're a Capricorn... Interesting! I know quite a lot about them since both my parents are Capricorns. :-)

Thanks, CS, and for you too! Happy New Year!

That's a good point, Church Lady! But, please, don't remind me of the many things I didn't accomplish! :-) Maybe that's why I'm saying that in December there's still time. In January I have to face those things I didn't accomplish and do something about them. So are you a Capricorn like Jason, or an Aquarius?

Blithe Muse said...

Happy New Year Vesper!..When January rolls in, i just grit my teeth and tell myself, only three more months to go before spring and new life blossoms all around. A reminder, no matter what winters we face in our life,spring is right around the corner.

May this year you complete your novel!.