Monday, June 07, 2010


Once you have left a place, it is very difficult to return to it, whether it is a physical place, a point in time, or a playground of your mind. I find that something that was there initially, a state of well-being, your happy childhood, the town of your first great love can never be revived by revisiting them. It’s better to leave them alone, to let them live in that untouched realm of memory where they will always be unchanged, lest you will suffer disappointment.

I was tempted to do the same thing with this blog.

I cannot. I feel I have put too much of my soul in it to just abandon it to obnoxious spamming. I feel I am in its debt too much, and mostly in the debt of the friends I’ve met through it, for what I have learned in the craft of writing. I feel that I miss these friends and the beauty they bring forth with their words.

Therefore, I am (sort of) back. (SzélsöFa, thank you for the nudge!!!) My time is – as I tried to explain a while ago – still extremely limited, or even more, if that is possible. In whatever scraps of spare time I can gather, I am writing my novel and I love it. But, I’ll clean a bit the cobwebs in this house too, put some fresh flowers in the windows… every now and then…

I haven’t had blogging on my mind for a very long time. I discovered that you must have it on your mind, to see stuff around you that you can put on the blog. For now, I give you some pics I took around my house earlier this spring and hope to see you soon…