Monday, June 18, 2018

Montreal Comic Con 2018

Yes, it's happening in Montreal, July 6 to 8, 2018, and I'm going! (insert lots of fan girl giggles)

It all started about three weeks ago when my oldest daughter casually said "You know, Marc Sheppard is coming to Montreal.."

What? How? When? Really?! Really?

None other than Crowley, my favorite King of Hell, of Supernatural fame, is coming to Montreal!

Wait! It doesn't end here!

Then she said, "David Duchovny is coming too..."


Oh, my beloved Special Agent Fox Mulder...

Almost faint with excitement, I started googling away... and, lo and behold, there they were, all of them, and so many more.  

Including these guys...

and all of these amazing comic book artists.

And, to think that I'm coming back home from a faraway land just on time for the second day - the only day when Duchovny is there... yes, I could faint... (more fan girl incontrolable giggles)

Haven't been to a Comic Con before, so it's about time...