Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Year that Wasn’t and a Miracle

When did 2017 go away and what did I do a whole year?

Well, I don’t really know… I worked.  Drove up to the gate of Area 51. Solved a lot of limits and derivatives. Cooked. Watched some Supernatural, some X-Files, a lot of Ancient Aliens, read a few books, but far fewer than I would’ve hoped for, and basically didn’t write one proper word of fiction. (I thought about it a lot, about this story that I still hope to write one day.)

Overall I just had this overwhelming feeling of being swept off my feet by… by whom? Was it Time? Was it Life sneaking up on me? I don’t really know.

If I had to pick one great thing that happened this year, it would be my cat Blues being well again. If you read my post from one year ago, maybe you remember that he was very sick, his kidneys almost gone, and given not even two months to live. Two weeks ago his blood test results came normal. Is this a miracle, or what? It is, I think, and something else too. I’ll tell you how I think that Blues got well. In the New Year. Until then, be well. Happy New Year!