Saturday, July 04, 2020

Wake up, America! It's not too late! I love you!

What can I say? I hope and I pray that more and more people can see through the haze thrown upon us all by the criminal master manipulators, see them for what they are, and for what their interests are.  Divide and conquer... Too easy. This is not a happy birthday.

However, in the darkness...

There is perhaps courage to speak the truth...

There is hope of an awakening...

And people who are not afraid to speak out, with intelligence and integrity. Douglas Murray, a Brit, is one of them.

and this:

These are just examples.

Put two and two together, see and understand beyond what the mainstream media wants us to believe, notice all the contradictions, the mismatches, the discrepancies, all the things that don't seem right. Then you will be closer to the truth.

I love you!

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